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“CraveTame” a nutritional food developed by Nutegra. ( Key concepts to understand Insulin Resistance and Ghrelin/ Leptin hunger system)

The Nutegra Meal Plan is 35% fat, 45% Protein and 20% Low Glycemic High Fiber Carbohydrate. Calories Controlled by Meal Plan and micronutrients and electrolytes to make your cells function as they were intended.

  • Medical Nutrition Therapy Goals
  • Lifestyle interventions are of primary importance; goals of medical nutrition therapy interventions for metabolic syndrome are as follows:
  • Promote food choices that facilitate a reduced energy intake with a goal of reducing body weight by 7% to 10% during the first year of therapy
  • Encourage a cardio-protective eating pattern that includes an increase in intakes of whole grains and fiber and reduced intakes of saturated fats, trans fat, and simple sugars
  • Encourage physical activity—at least 30 minutes of continuous/intermittent physical activity 5 days/week (preferably 60 minutes daily)
  • Provide effective ongoing support with counseling
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